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Special Assembly

The Year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique prepared a special assembly about sound and harmonics. This is a series of special assemblies dedicated to our little scientists.

Little Scientists at Work…

Students in Ms Claudine’s class of Yr 4.2 today conducted an experiment that is sometimes called Elephant’s Toothpaste.  In this experiment they mixed food colour, detergent, hydrogen peroxide and yeast dissolved in water in a plastic bottle using a funnel.  This created foam that shot up from bottles.  Experiment created heat too as bottle was […]

Little Scientists at work…

The year 4.1 students of Ms Angelique Attard prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. During the assembly they demonstrated how electrostatic electricity can be produced by simply rubbing a balloon again a jersey. Students had a great time watching one of their classmates’ hair rising due to the electrostatic electricity that was produced. In […]

Special Assembly…

The Year 4.2 students of Ms Claudine prepare a special assembly to commemorate the feast of St Martin. All the students took part by sharing part of the story. Click on this link San Martin Assembly to view the presentation prepared by the class teacher.

Young Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship is an engine of job creation, innovation and economic growth.” Our school is currently participating in a college based project, which is partly funded by the EU, to enhance our students’ entrepreneurship skills. The students had a session about “Our Community”. More sessions are to follow in the coming weeks   Students and teachers […]

Marathon Walk

The school organised a Marathon Walk to raise funds for the purchase of literacy and numeracy resources for the students. The parents were very generous and a greatly appreciated donation was given to the school. 11 families donated more than €20. The highest amount collected was that of €32.60. A book will be given to […]

Vanishing Homes…

Caring for our environment is essential. We live in an ecosystem where every organism depends on one another. If an imbalance is created, this may lead to the extinction of a number of species and may lead to natural disasters. Bird hunting, deforestation, burning down of forests, farming, the industrial revolution and other factors have a […]

Chefs at work…

The year 4 students of Ms Kylie Said and Ms Angelique Attard prepared an Easter dessert on their last day of school. The dessert was made from cereals, marshmallows and chocolate. The desserts were made into the shape of Easter Eggs. The students worked very well together and helped each other out to complete their […]

It’s that time of the year again…

December – an important month for us Christians… It reminds of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During this month we remember the hardships Mary and Joseph had to face and the poor circumstances in which the Lord chose to be born. It is a time of reflection about the important things in life […]

Timetable Half Yearly Exams February 2015

Below is the timetable for half yearly exams to be held in February 2015. Kindly note that his timetable has been updated.