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Equivalent Fractions

Students had pictorial investigations of different equivalent fractions. They had to find out which fractions were equivalent. The pictorial representations helped them to observe that although the numerators and denominators were different from each other they represented the same value or proportion of the whole. Students then worked in groups to join different equivalent fractions […]

Fractions – Halves and Quarters batch 1

The year 3.1 students had tonnes of fun with fractions! A rectangular cake was used to explain the concept of a whole as well as that of parts of a whole. The students were also given a piece of cake between two and they had to figure out how to cut it in order to […]

Learning the x2 Maths Tables

Year 3.1 students had a blast learning the x2 table by means of songs, visuals and hands-on activities. Click below for more 🙂 Submitted by Ms Sharon Calleja, Class Teacher

Adding 3 numbers

Yr 3.1 students learning how to add three numbers. First, they participated in investigations where they made different amounts with cubes, straws and caps. Then, the students drew shapes as pictorial representations of three different amounts and counted the total. Finally, they moved on to numerical representations of addition sums by means of a game […]

Learning 3D shapes is always fun!

Children had a blast constructing 3D shapes using clay and toothpicks. Doing this exercise the children learnt how many sides and points each 3D shape has. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella, Yr 2.1 Class Teacher


Children created symmetrical patterns using the blocks. The ruler represented the line of symmetry. Children enjoyed creating different symmetrical shapes. Submitted by Ms Janice Vella Yr 2.1

Capacity investigations

First- an explanation was done to help students remember how to convert l to ml and vice versa. An investigation was then carried out by myself using measuring containers and students were asked to observe the different questioning techniques. Then, using measuring containers in groups, the students were given the opportunity to create their own […]

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Learing about ‘Time’ using the CPA (concrete, practical, abstract) approach. Clocks from the Maths Class Toolbox were used as a tangible resource to help students understand the 24 hour clock better. A tablet game with pictures of clocks on it was then used as a consolidation of the previous explanation. A memory game was carried out in […]


In class we introduced the topic ‘Weight’. After talking about what they knew about the topic, children were asked to take out their drinking bottles and go around the class to find objects which were lighter and heavier than their bottles. They enjoyed this hands on activity as they could clearly understand the difference between […]

Outdoor Estimation

Today we went outside to estimate the number of objects we have in the school yard. Children estimated the number of trees, steps, number of windows. They wrote their estate on the whiteboard and then counted to check the exact amount of objects. Submitted by Ms Marilyn Bugeja, Yr 1.1 Class Teacher