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Hand puppets…

The kindergarten students of Ms Maria Debono, together with their LSA, Ms Marika, have prepared some wonderful puppets. The puppets were made of socks. The socks were decorated with buttons, wool and other material to bring these puppets to life. Well done for the wonderful crafts created 🙂

Christmas Biscuits…

On 9th December 2013 the K2.1 students of Ms Marija Spiteri, together with their LSA Ms Ruth Debono, and the students of K2.4 of Ms Janice Vella cooked some delicious biscuits in preparation for Christmas. The students were given time to roll out the dough, cut their biscuits using different shaped cutters and to decorate their biscuits with chocolate. This […]

Christmas biscuits galore…

On 2nd December 2013 the K1.2 and K1.3 students of Ms Joanne Galea and Ms Josianne Camilleri prepared some fantastic biscuits in preparation for Christmas.   The students were given time to roll out the dough and decorate their biscuits. This cookery lesson served to teach the students a number of fine motor skills, food […]

Kinder 1.2 planting their little plants

On 20th November 2013 the kinder 1.2 students of Ms Josianne Camilleri enjoyed the school garden, and outdoors, while learning about plants and the care needed when putting a plant in a pot. The students learnt that plants need soil. Soil gives plants the necessary minerals which serve as food for the plant. The students also learnt about the importance […]

Learning through play

Learning through play is an essential part of the educational programme for children at kindergarten level. Kindergarten asistants provide different opportunities for children to enhance their fine motor skills, while socialising with their peers. Below is a short photostory capturing some of the above mentioned moments of the children in kinder 1.3 of Ms Joanne […]

Is-Sinjura B

Illum ħtaft l-opportunita’ biex immur nagħti titwila lil Ms Joanne Galea, għalliema tal-K1.3. Il-kurżita’ ma ħallitnix bi kwieti. Kemm il-darba nara lil Ms Joanne sejra l-literacy room b’ittra mdendla mal-ħwejjeġ tagħha. Għalhekk iddeċidejt li mmur nara x’qed isir f’din il-kamra iddedikata għat-tgħallim tal-litteriżmu. Ħadt gost nara lit-tfal jitgħallmu dwar l-ittra B billi iltaqgħu mas-sinjura B. […]

Cooking Activity

The children of Mgarr just love cooking…and the young Kindergarten students are no exception!  The children of Kinder 1  (Ms.Joanne Galea), with the help of LSA Ms.Romina Laudizio organised a cooking activity on the 2nd of April 2009.