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Learning through play…

The teachers at Mgarr Primary strive hard to help their students learn through play and by making use of hands-on sessions. Even technology features in their daily lessons. The photos above show the students during an English lesson during which students were learning the use of ‘a’ or ‘an’. We can see the students having  […]

Special Assembly by Year 2.2

The year 2.2 students prepared a special assembly for our morning prayer. Ms Stephanie prepared a song for her students which talks about the “King of the Jungle”. The aim of the song is to worship God for having created all these lovely creatures which made our world more beautiful than ever. The students sang […]

Traditional Games on St Martin’s Day

(The photos collage above was prepared by Ms Tiziana Borg, yr 6 teacher) This year Mgarr primary celebrated St Martin’s Day with a difference. The School Council, together with 12 parents helpers organised a Traditional Games Fun Day for all the school. A number of games were organised including Iż-żunżna ddur iddur, Ċuċċu Trejn, Il-Ġurdien […]

Dogs Trusts Class Visits

At Dogs Trust’s teachers have a passion for animal welfare and a natural tendency to educate others about animal welfare. Today, 19th November 2013, our students from year 1 to year 6 had a fun, exciting and educational workshop to help them to learn more about caring for dogs, responsible dog ownership and how to stay safe around dogs. The […]

Skills Celebration Day (Jum iċ-Ċelebrazzjoni tal-Ħiliet) – 15/05/2013 – Year 2

Performance of Treasure Island by Year 2 students: This book was written by Robert Louis Stevensen. The story is about Jim Hawkins, a boy who finds a map that shows a hidden treasure on an island and decides to sail to the island with other sailors going there for the same purpose. Amongst these sailors, […]

Is-sur Siegħa u Bee-Bot…

L-istudenti ta’ Ms Analisa Magro tat-tieni sena kellhom lezzjoni nteressanti mas-Sur Siegħa u Bee-Bot fejn tgħallmu jaqraw il-ħin bil-Malti b’mod mhux tas-soltu. Wara li l-għalliema ntroduċiet lis-Sur Siegħa permezz ta’ preżentazzjoni, t-tfal kellhom l-opportunita’ biex jużaw il-Bee-Bot biex japplikaw dak li tgħallmu. Ara dan il-video biex tara l-esperjenza sabiħa li kellhom it-tfal.


The students at Mgarr have had their first go with Bee-Bots. Bee-Bots are small robot of high educational value. The students have to programme the Bee-Bot for it to reach a particular destination. Today the students had to help the Bee-Bot to sort the various stages of the life cycle of a frog in order. […]