Category: Year 3

Maths – Science Day…

A Maths-Science Day was organised at school with the aim of giving parents a first hand experience of teaching and learning at our school. This was an opportunity for parents and students to work together in a number of workshops. Above are the K1.1 students of Ms Joanne who had an interesting session about space. […]

Science special assembly

The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie prepared a special assembly about density. The students demonstrated how different substances form layers on top of each other when added to water. The less dense substances lay at the top because their molecules are spread apart, making the substance less dense.

Battery Circuits

The Year 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie Azzopardi had a hands-on session on how to set up a battery circuit. Our little scientists enjoyed this session while learning more about electricity and how energy can be supplied from the batter to other sources.

St. Nicholas Day

The college celebrated the feast of St Nicholas on 4th December, this being the patron saint of the college. Every primary school sent year 3 students to this event which was hosted at our school. The middle and senior school also sent student representatives to celebrate this special day. Mass was celebrated at the Mgarr […]

Novena run up towards Christmas

The students are preparing for the Christmas celebrations. Every day a different class prepares a special assembly as a run towards the celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus. Above are the Yr 3.1 students and below the Yr 3.2 students who kicked off this year’s Novena.

Maths Shopping Activity

The Year 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie went for a Maths shopping activity in the locality of  Mgarr. During this activity the children had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, shopping groceries for a recipe they had to prepare at school. The children went to a grocery and to the bakery to buy ingredients for a […]

Learning by discovery…

The Yr 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie have been enjoying their daily lessons by learning through discovery. In these photos one can see students working on various activities including place value of numbers, sorting coins, subtracting a one digit number from 20 by rolling a dice, matching numbers to number names and other activities related to […]

Show and tell…

Students are encouraged to prepare a short presentation about any topic they like e.g. The Jungle, A Family Vacation, Favourite Sport, The Solar System, etc. These Yr 3.2 students of Ms Stephanie spoke to their classmates about various topics. While doing the show and tell presentation, the students used a digital microphone to record their […]

Marathon Walk

The school organised a Marathon Walk to raise funds for the purchase of literacy and numeracy resources for the students. The parents were very generous and a greatly appreciated donation was given to the school. 11 families donated more than €20. The highest amount collected was that of €32.60. A book will be given to […]

It’s that time of the year again…

December – an important month for us Christians… It reminds of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During this month we remember the hardships Mary and Joseph had to face and the poor circumstances in which the Lord chose to be born. It is a time of reflection about the important things in life […]