Category: Year 3

Student Teacher at Work

The Year 3.1 students of Ms Schembri Fedele, have just embarked on a new learning experience with their student teacher, Ms Mildred Bezzina. The students have been working very hard in embellishing their notice board. Below one can see the students proudly presenting their work 🙂

Marathon Walk 2014

On Tuesday 29th April 2014 the school embarked on a Marathon Walk. The children had been given sponsor sheets with the aim of collecting funds for the school council. This Marathon Walk was linked to Science Fieldwork which was co-ordinated by the science teacher, Ms Charmaine Mifsud, together with the class teachers. Year 3 to […]

Road Safety Talks

On 18th March 2014, representatives from Transport Malta visited our school and held a session about transport and road safety for our year 2 and year 3 students. During this session the students had the opportunity to learn about road safety and become more aware of basic safety rules when crossing roads or using bicycles and zebra […]

Dinja Waħda… Robin Round Up

Trapping of wild robins was common practice in Malta. However due to awareness campaigns in school by Birdlife, this habit has been reduced. The Robin Roundup activity is a constant reminder to encourage students to stop wild robin trapping. The year 3.2 students of Ms Rodianne had the opportunity to learn more about this sweet […]

Maths with a difference…

On 17th January 2014 the year 3.1 students of Ms Rosette and the year 3.2 students of Ms Rodianne had a hands on maths lesson. This lesson was co-ordinated and organised by the Maths support teacher, Ms Joan Vella. The students had to make their on healthy sandwich. However they had to prepare their shopping […]

Dinosaurs galore…

During another mid-week session the year 3 students of Ms Rosette made a very interesting craft about dinosaurs. The students made use of pasta to create their own dinosaur skeletons. Apart from enhancing their fine motor skills, students had to think of the best way to make use of pasta in order to create their […]

Dog puppets

During another mid-week session the year 3 students of Ms Rosette prepared dog puppets. These puppets were made of recycled material. The students put in their own touch of creativity to create different dogs, all decorated to their tastes. Well done for the hard work and keep up the good work 😉

Spooky Halloween

All students love Halloween. Decorating their classrooms with spooky ghosts makes their learning environment closer to reality. The year 3 students of Ms Rosette prepared a number of spooky ghosts during another mid-week session. The happy faces of the students say it all. Well done once again 😉

Learning English

Learning English is another challenge our students face every single day. Nurturing love for languages is not always easy. Students may back away, fearing that they are not good or up to the challenge. Working in a group helps our students overcome these inhibitions. In the photo one can see the year 3 students of […]

Crafts related to Autum

During the mid week session, children have the time to prepare crafts related to the themes or topics being dealt with during that period of the year. In the above photos we can see year 3 students of Ms Rosette doing a collage with leaves which have fallen from trees. Apart from doing crafts, the […]