Month: April 2018

Baa! Baa! A milking they come…

The K1.1 students of Ms Josianne had a very interesting lesson prepared by Ms Semira Camenzuli, student teacher, during her teaching practice. Ms Sharon invited a farmer who visited our school. During his visit he spoke to the children on how sheep are taken care of and what is involved in the process of milking […]

Literacy Activity related to World Book Day

The K2.1 students of Ms Lucienne have been working for the past week around the theme of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The activities for this week have all be inspired by the classic fairy tale. The students followed the story on the interactive whiteboard. As a follow up activity students played a games where they […]

Sports Day at Kirkop for Primary Students

Sports Day was organised for all primary students by the Sports Promotion Unit and the PE teachers, Ms Rebecca Bonello and Ms Chanel Micallef Cassar. Students enjoyed a variety of events together with a shot a gymnastics. This event was truly well organised and children enjoyed every minute.Special thanks goes to Mr Joseph Tanti, from […]

World Book Day

All class joined forced on World Book Day to celebrate the importance of books and to instill a love for reading. Teachers prepared a number of activities inspired by various books. Handa’s Surprise offered the students as taste of Africa and fruit that grows in this continent. Goldilocks and the Three Bears helped kindergarten students to […]

Gardening Sessions

Today was a wrap for the gardening sessions held by Ms Nicky over the past week. Three classes successfully completed their sessions and they are now officially recognised as our school gardeners. The students have been learning about all that is involved in taking care of a school garden. The students are also taking care […]

High Five Junior Maths Challenge

Goerge Vella and Steven Sollars participated in the High Five Junior Maths challenge. This is a Maths challenge aimed for gifted students who excel in Maths. Steven Sollars also won in a team competition. Well done to these students for their achievement.

Clean Up Campaign in the School Garden

Following the awareness campaign held by the students prior to Earth Day, the students today embarked in a thorough clean up of the school garden within the perimeter of the school. Students were provided with gloves and were supervised by Ms Rodgers, who organised this event.


The second gardening session was held at our school by Ms Nicky. The students planted their seeds and helped in pruning the area. Children had the opportunity to learn what is needed for seed to grow in healthy plants. They will be taking care of their plants in the coming weeks, while measuring how fast […]

Pasta Day

The school would like to thank the parents helpers and members of the school council for ensuring the smooth running of Pasta Day.

Earth Day

Earth day is an annual celebration which the Green Club hold at heart. Ms Rodgers, assistant head, organises an annual parade to promote the importance of caring for our planet Earth. The day kicked off with a special assembly organised by the Yr 5.1 students of Ms Melanie Sultana. During the assembly topics, such as […]