Book Launch… L-Ingwanti Magiċi

The school hosted the launch of the book L-Ingwanti Magiċi. This book has been recently written by an emergent author, Ms Anabelle Warrington, who also happens to be the school’s support literacy teacher. The launch kicked off with a short play about the pleasure of reading directed by Ms Angelique Attard, Yr 4.1 teacher. Following […]

Athletics Finalists

The school proudly presents the 4 finalists who made it to the national events of athletics held by the Sports Promotion Unit. The students did very well and ranked 3rd and 4th overall. Well done students 🙂

Celebrating World Children’s Day

20th November is dedicated to World Children’s Day. To commemorate this day, the students of Ms Melanie Sultana, in year 5.1, prepared a special assembly. The students shared a message about children’s rights and also shared different realities that children around the world face on a daily basis. The students of the school council shared […]

Special Assembly

The Yr 5.2 students prepared a special assembly. The script was written by Ms Victoria in the form of a poem sending a message to raise awareness about the all the food and items we waste on a daily basis. After the poem the students sang a song about Earth.

Exploring Birgu

The Yr 5.2 students of Ms Melanie Sultana visited Birgu to learn more about this city. The students walked along the streets and the fortifications, while learning about historical and geographical facts.

Special Assembly

The Year 5.1 students of Dr Simone Micallef prepared a special assembly for their schoolmates. The assembly was very well prepared and interesting information was passed on to students in the form of a presentation. All year 5.1 students were involved in the preparation and delivery of this special assembly. Such events help to build […]

Special Assembly

The Year 5.2 students of Ms Melanie prepared a special assembly. The students sang a song and shared a message of love with their peers. During these assemblies students are given the opportunity to build their self-esteem.

World Children’s Day

The Year 5.1 students, under the direction of their teacher Dr Simone Micallef, have prepared a special assembly dedicated to all the children of the world since 20th November 2016 we shall be celebrating World Children’s Day. During the assembly students showed a presentation about children’s rights and duties to their schoolmates. A banner, courtesy […]

Special Assembly

The Yr 5.2 students of Ms Melanie prepared a special assembly. Being the feast of St Martin, and as tradition wants it, students are usually given a good bag on this day. During this special assembly the students sang a song and filled a bucketful of flashcards with words such as friends, smile, kindness, sharing, helping, […]

Learning about area…

  The Yr 5.1 students of Dr Micallef investigating methods of how to find the area of a flat surface. At the same time students were given the opportunity to understand the concept of area and how to derive the formula: Area = Length x Breadth through hands-on activities.