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Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples

The year 6 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar and Ms Ingrid Frendo visited the temples of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra. Such visits serve as fieldwork for students. It is also a means of appreciating history through hands on experience. Can you spot Filfla in one of the photos below? Click on the word temples for more information […]

Hot dogs and Fruit Kebabs…

The Yr 6.1 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar had a go in preparing a snack, followed by a healthy dessert, during their mid-week activity. The students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of hygiene when handling food, while finding an alternative and healthier option for dessert. The students enjoyed their snack and enjoyed […]

World Tree Day 2015

Ms Rodgers, Eko Skola co-ordinator and assistant head at our school, has embarked on a useful mission at our school on 16th January 2015. This being World Tree Day, the students were asked to participate in a school based drawing competition. The students who drew the best 6 drawings were awarded a book. Later on, […]

It’s that time of the year again…

December – an important month for us Christians… It reminds of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During this month we remember the hardships Mary and Joseph had to face and the poor circumstances in which the Lord chose to be born. It is a time of reflection about the important things in life […]

Fieldwork at Valletta

The year 6 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar and Ms Ingrid Frendo went for an educational outing at Valletta. During their visit in the capital city of Malta, the students did fieldwork related to the social studies syllabus. This was an excellent hands-on learning opportunity for students.

Timetable Half Yearly Exams February 2015

Below is the timetable for half yearly exams to be held in February 2015. Kindly note that his timetable has been updated.  

A snapshot of year 6.1

The Yr 6.1 students of Ms Raisa Cutajar have kick started the year through a number of various activities. An element of fun is always present. The photos taken in the school playing area evidence of this. The teacher enhances team work in her maths lessons and students have been learning fractions by helping each […]

Youth Manifesto and the Commissioner for Children

On 20th June 2014 a Youth Manisfesto was organised at our school for the year 6 students. The aim of this session was for the Commissioner of Children, Mrs Helen D’Amato, to make our students aware of the importance of internet safety and of having a more secure and interesting internet service. The students played […]

Marathon Walk 2014

On Tuesday 29th April 2014 the school embarked on a Marathon Walk. The children had been given sponsor sheets with the aim of collecting funds for the school council. This Marathon Walk was linked to Science Fieldwork which was co-ordinated by the science teacher, Ms Charmaine Mifsud, together with the class teachers. Year 3 to […]

Consumer’s Day

Many of us may not be aware that on 15th March we celeberate Consumers’ Day. We are all consumers in one way or another. During their special assembly, the year 6.1 students of Ms Tiziana Borg, gave our students some information about who consumers are, their rights and their obligations. The children presented a short play […]